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“Waiting On” Wednesdays: The Storyspinner

Waiting on Wednesdays

Waiting on Wednesdays is a weekly event hosted at Breaking the Spine. The purpose is to spotlight upcoming book releases that we are excited for.

The Storyspinner (The Keepers’ Chronicles, #1) by Becky Wallace

Hardcover, 432 pages
Publication Date: Mar. 3rd, 2015
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
ISBN: 9781481405652
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Drama and danger abound in this fantasy realm where dukes play a game for the throne, magical warriors race to find the missing heir, and romance blossoms where it is least expected.

In a world where dukes plot their way to the throne, a Performer’s life can get tricky. And in Johanna Von Arlo’s case, it can be fatal. Expelled from her troupe after her father’s death, Johanna is forced to work for the handsome Lord Rafael DeSilva. Too bad they don’t get along. But while Johanna’s father’s death was deemed an accident, the Keepers aren’t so sure.

The Keepers, a race of people with magical abilities, are on a quest to find the princess—the same princess who is supposed to be dead and whose throne the dukes are fighting over. But they aren’t the only ones looking for her. And in the wake of their search, murdered girls keep turning up—girls who look exactly like the princess, and exactly like Johanna.

With dukes, Keepers, and a killer all after the princess, Johanna finds herself caught up in political machinations for the throne, threats on her life, and an unexpected romance that could change everything.

There is so much that is drawing me into this story; magical warriors, political intrigue, and romance? Yup all these things sound right up my alley! Also, the cover is pretty awesome too. I like that it’s a bit blurry and that this girl (presumably the main character) is a bow-and-arrow kind of warrior. (Yay! I love those ones!) Plus, does any one who reads this NOT suspect that Johanna might be this missing princess? It would be really cool if she wasn’t, though. Now that would be an interesting way to turn a stereotypical fantasy trope on it’s head. But either way, I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy this. I’m hoping for lots and lots of action, daring escapes and murky plots. *sigh of anticipation* I can’t wait to check it out!


What are you waiting for this week?


14 thoughts on ““Waiting On” Wednesdays: The Storyspinner”

  1. I’d never heard of this one before!! Like you though, so much of it seems to be drawing me in! The magical race of Keeper sound fascinating and I already want to know if the MC is in fact the missing princess 😀 Awesome pick^^

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  2. This does sound pretty cool! Some of my favorite books are political intrigue with bow wielding heroines (Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic Series). I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for visiting!

    MJ @ MJ Reads

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