the 50 Day Movie Challenge

The 50 Day Movie Challenge

I’ve seen other bloggers undertake similar challenges on their sites, and as I looked, I saw some questions I liked, and others I didn’t. So, I decided to tweak the challenge to fit what I wanted to answer, and the results are on-going. For 50 Days I will answer one film-related question per day. Feel free to check in each day, or join in and play along, in the comments or on your own sites. If you do participate, I’d love it if you link back to me, or post a link to your answers in the comments so I can see what you picked!

Fictional Bucket List

My Fictional Bucket List

This fictional bucket list that I’ve created features all the things I would like to do if the fictional worlds of literature, TV, and film were, in fact, real. Some activities are small, like getting a wand, and some are quite big, but all seem like a lot of fun to me! Feel free to create your own and link back to me in the comments. I will be posting one new item on my bucket list each week on Saturdays. What would you want to do if your favorite fictional worlds were real? Get creative and use your imagination!

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