World Traveler

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”    — Saint Augustine

Why travel?

Where does my interest come from? I’ve never really been able to pinpoint that.

As a child, I traveled with my family, mostly to visit extended family or to attend a dance competition. We visited Atlantic City, Boston, and New York City, and, growing up on Cape Cod, that was a big deal. The longest trip I took as an adolescent was going to Disney World with my family. Now those were some interesting hours in the car. I have always enjoyed trips by car or bus; I’m lucky that I don’t get sick and I can relax and spend hours reading or listening to music.

the globe theater
The Globe Theater Main Stage

When I was around 16, I got bit hard by the travel bug. I was offered the opportunity to travel to England with several  classmates and two of our English teachers. Even at that age, the thought of getting out of my home town to explore was strongly appealing. Not because there’s anything wrong with where I grew up, it’s actually a pretty enjoyable small town, but even then I knew there was so much more to the world than what I saw every day. I loved being on the plane, I loved traveling without my family and feeling like I was experiencing the world, on my own, for the first time.

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

England, notably London, was so incredibly different from home. Though technically we speak the same language, it was very unfamiliar. Parts of the city, simply walking through old alleyways and past churches, felt like you were literally walking through history. There are parts of London that teem with age. One such place was the image you see above: the Globe Theater. Taking a trip down Baker Street wasn’t so bad either. But what my trip showed me (aside from how much fun my friends and I could have in a Notting Hill hotel) was how much of the world I had yet to experience, and how much of an impact a new place can have on a person. Culture shock is not a bad thing. On the contrary, I believe it is a vital part of becoming an adult and living the fullest kind of life.

Corny? Probably.

But while I was only away from home for a week, I don’t think I’ve ever been quite the same. My initial exploration prompted me to travel in college (a semester that I still maintain as being the best of all my four years at Emerson). Feel free to check out some of my experiences and adventures here on the site under “Where I’ve Been.” And while I haven’t had the financial freedom to go many places since then, that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming and creating lists of places that I would still like to visit.

Feel free to browse the Travel-related pages you will find here on this portion of my site. I hope you will discover places that enchant and entice you as they do me.

Where I’ve Been
Oh, The Places I’d Like to Go

  • Taking in the Sites Board – A Pinterest board dedicated to places throughout the world that for one reason or another I found beautiful.
  • In Ruins: Leftover From the Ancient World Board – A Pinterest board which is sort of self-explanatory. It has images of ruins, art, and architecture from ancient times.
  • Road Trip USA Board – Similar to my world travel board, this one is full of incredible sites from right here in the US. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to cross a few off my bucket list. Eventually.
  • Travel Wisely Board – Assembling tips and points of interest for places where I have traveled, or would like to travel.
  • Frommer’s Travel Planner – A really awesome guide to help plan and pack for traveling.


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