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Harry Potter Moment of the Week #14


This is a meme started by Uncorked Thoughts which aims to share with fellow bloggers a weekly slice of HP awesomeness. It is an awesomeness that only increases with time and number of reads. Once a week we will share a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/films/J. K. Rowling (or anything Potter related)! Each topic will be posted on Uncorked Thoughts HERE. There will also be  free weeks where everyone can share whatever topic they want! Be sure to share your link on the main site for all other HP MOTW fans to enjoy!

This Week’s Theme: Which Weasley character would you be?

Ooooh, now this requires some serious contemplation… Not only must I consider which of these delightful characters am I actually most like, but also which one I would most want to be.

ginny reductoTo start, I suppose I should start with the wanting… I think I would most want to be Ginny. She’s an incredibly powerful young witch, right from the start, and, let’s face it, she’s the one who ultimately captures the heart of Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to be her? She’s well-loved by her family and winds up with a pretty good life. She’s an athlete, which I’m definitely not, so I think it would be cool to be good at a wizarding sport like Quidditch.  Plus, I’m a girl, and I don’t really have any desire to be a man, so that knocks out the majority of this family, lol!

Now, when I think more seriously, who would I be… I think about myself as my personality actually exists. There are definitely parts of me that are like Percy and Bill, who are both scholastic achievers, and both become Head Boy as well, so there’s a definite rule-following going on. That was so me in high school. A stickler for the rules. I’d also like to think I have a bit in common with the twins, Ron, Charlie, and Ginny as well. But when push comes to shove, I think the Weasley I would be is Molly.Molly Weasley

Molly’s love for her family is absolute. She’s strong, a disciplinarian, and also a rule-follower. But, even better, she is the one who makes the rules for her family. I love how in charge she is. When we really get to see her in Chamber of Secrets, she’s definitely a little on the stern side, but also has such a warm and welcoming home. She adopts Harry as one of her brood immediately and with no reservations. She just cares. This may be the trait I love most about her.

She’s also got quite a bit of pride in her loved ones, like me. Her children’s achievements are her own, so when they do well in school, she feels it is an extension of her own parenting skills; like confirmation that she’s done a good job in raising them. I don’t have kids, yet. But I feel the same way when my family accomplish something great.

She’s not perfect, though. She has a hard time letting go, especially when Fred and George clearly want a different path for themselves than what she wants for them, but I like how she comes around eventually. And when push comes to shove, she will defend her kids to the bitter end. The battle between her and Bellatrix at the end of Deathly Hallows may be one of the most magnificent of the entire series.

He changed course, running  at Bellatrix rather than Voldemort, but before he had gone a few steps he was knocked sideways.


Mrs. Weasley threw off her cloak as she ran, freeing her arms. Bellatrix spun on the spot, roaring with laughter at the sight of her new challenger. — pg 736

Molly not my daughter

I think throughout the series people dismiss Molly because she is always the worrier; constantly looking to protect her children from harm. She yells at Ron for stealing the flying car. She gets angry at Hermione when she believes Rita Skeeter’s article about Hermione’s relationship with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament. She doesn’t want them to be a part of the Order of the Phoenix, she doesn’t want them involved in the battles, and it’s easy to criticize her for those reactions. But she’s a mom. That’s her first instinct, to protect them from pain. It doesn’t mean she’s not an incredibly strong witch.

“OUT OF MY WAY!” shouted Mrs. Weasley to the three girls, and with a swipe of her wand she began to duel. Harry watched with terror and elation as Molly Weasley’s wand slashed and twirled, and Bellatrix Lestrange’s smile faltered and became a snarl. Jets of light flew from both wands, the floor around the witches’ feet became hot and cracked; both women were fighting to kill.

“No!” Mrs. Weasley cried as a few students ran forward, trying to come to her aid. “Get back! Get back! She is mine!” — pg 736, cont’d.

This is no shrinking violet. Molly is a powerful woman, a powerful witch, and just because she doesn’t normally show off her skills doesn’t mean she doesn’t possess them. She is a lioness protecting her cubs, and she’s got a wicked bite.

“You — will — never — touch — our — children — again!” screamed Mrs. Weasley.

Bellatrix laughed, the same exhilarated laugh her cousin Sirius had given as he toppled through the veil, and suddenly Harry knew what was going to happen before it did.

Molly’s curse soared beneath Bellatrix’s outstretched arm and hit her squarely in the chest, directly over her heart. — pg 736, cont’d.

Molly fights Bellatrix 1

Molly fights Bellatrix 2

This scene gave me goosebumps when I read it, and chills when I saw it. In this moment, everyone in my theater broke out in cheers and applause. This is how I would protect my family. This is why I would most likely be Molly, of all the Weasleys.

Well, that’s really all I’ve got for ya! Just a small moment of sweet HP goodness! I hope you enjoyed it, and please, feel free to share your own thoughts on which Weasley you would be in the comments below!