Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women And Minorities

Well this is pretty awesome. I just stumbled across this article on my Tumblr feed and was really excited by what I read. Google is offering vouchers to women and minorities for 3 months of FREE coding lessons to not only help them improve their personal skill-sets, but also because the company did an internal review and discovered how few people in their own company were women or various minorities.

“Google said the current state of its company diversity is ‘miles from where we want to be.'”

Cudos to them for recognizing their companies inequalities and actually doing something about it! Now we just need practically every other Fortune 500 company in America to do the same thing and maybe as a people we will start making some progress. But in all seriousness, I was really happy to see this article. It’s nice to hear about people working toward a positive once in a while rather than struggling against a negative.



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